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140730 jiwon3406shabumaxim and luvbbbbb IG Update with Heechul |HCTF|

140730 gunheenim: 나만 잘나오면되^_^#사진찍는데눈치없게옆에서뭐하니

Trans: It’s alright as long as I look good ^_^ #TakingAPicButWhatWasHeDoingNextToMeBeingClueless

Heechul replied: It’s in the middle of the night but he was wearing a pair of sunglasses. Crazy dude |heartheesubs|

140730 kimheenim: Oowah it’s sho delishious!! (>_<)/~♡ I came on vacation to relax my body and mind then I will have to prepare for the SJ album that will be released soon. #DaPeoJuNeunSteamedClamRestaurant #SJ7 #KimHeechulNice #RefreshingGame |heartheesubs|


140730  zzini1219 IG update

Via:  HCTF


Mnet ‘Cheeky Interview 4 Things Show’ - SJ Heechul,INFINITE | 140729

  • Part 2
Dear you,
sugabo whispered: Hello! Can I ask what's the song playing on your blog? Thanks in advance :)

here :)

Dear you,
Anonymous whispered: See I told you gof would have a good ending!! It was amazing! Bye thanks for posting the links!!

no problem^^

Before I go, I just want to say again to our leader, Welcome back Park Jungsoo!♥ #83LineIsBack

92/100 SJ The Kings

140729 gunheenim: 여행을떠나요~ #캐리어어디서났냐너

Trans: Let’s go on a vacation~ #WhereDidYouGetYourCarrierFrom

Heechul replied: I received it as a present. Why? You crazy bastard |heartheesubs|

Note: The hot pink luggage was a present from only-heechul Chinese fanbase |HCTF|


Heechul IG update: kimheenim: Welcome # 83 #영감 #20051106 #SJ7


Heechul’s IG new profile pic ♥

heechul to sunggyu’s 4 letter talk

(Source: chandoo)

You are my Royal Subjects

(Source: seoulfvls)


140729 Heechul on vacation with friends


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