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[Official] 140718 tvN ‘Flower Grandpa Investigation Team’ Episode 12 Preview Video with Heechul

140719 希天才: WOW

140719 kimheenim: <Flower Grandpa Investigation Team> was filming a reminiscence scene, Park Doosik and Park Minwoo and I were playing rock-paper-scissors and the person who lost will drink coke in one-shot, but why was it me who lost? |x|


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NOOOOO Jungwoo (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

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Dear you,
Anonymous whispered: Have some hope! I don't think heechul's character will die! Maybe they can use the other formula the one that makes you younger to help him or something!!

but he just died ㅠㅠ anyways there’s still one episode left I’m really hoping for some miracle for his character

140718 kimheenim: Good Bye…. #FlowerGrandpaInvestigationTeam

140715 고양 로케이션 미스고양 FaceBook Update with Heechul

140717 JTBC ‘War of Words’ Official Update with Heechul

140717 sj_game2014 Twitter Update with Heechul

Dear you,
Anonymous whispered: Thanks for the flower grandpa investigation team eps!! OMG I ship jung unknown (lol) and heechul's character so much!! I don't want her to end up with the other guy :(

No problem^^ yeah me too I want them to end up together but Heechul’s character is dying ㅠㅠ so it’s kind of hopeless


kimheenim예의 바르고 애교만점인 동생 박민우. 하지만 둘이 일어선다면?! 하아.. 내 키….ㅠㅠ 사진만 봐도 내가 쪼그맣…

kimheenimDongsaeng Park Minwoo with good manners and full marks for aegyo. But if both of us stand together?! Haa.. My height….ㅠㅠ Even just from the photo I’m a little…. (c)


140716 SPAO FaceBook 

Credit: SPAO

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