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I cried so badly at Heechul, Donghae and Eunhyuk’s “Thanks to”

Especially at heechul asking ELF to get married, have kids and bring our kids to super show and show it to SJ


Donghae’s one is just heart breaking, hae is so successful but all he wants is just to be with his dad


I’m so…

cr: M3H-OPTY

ELF Japan Magazine - Heechul (cr)

Mamacita Photobook - Heechul // cr: Lee_Elisabet

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First off I really wanted to say this, I really think Kangin’s character as a fruit vendor really fits himㅎㅎ Kanginnie really likes watermelon even before, even in midwinter he’s going to buy watermelon and eat it all alone^^

And i got the role as a bartenderㅎ. Rather than having no…

Heechul Mamacita photocard

Heechul’s message on back of photocard: Look into the mirror after looking at my photo

cr: caselfyang | elf_ninida

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News from the music store. SM is worried that the news of ver B will affect ver A’s sales so they are now still hesitating about the production of ver A. Actually SM has only produced 70% of what they originally planned for ver A and have asked the music stores about whether to continue producing ver A. So everyone pls focus on ver A as it is the most important one.


Cr: 李东海后援会海世代
Eng trans: elf_ninida


2? 3? 5? No it’s 6

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baby so cute (ノ´`)ノ

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KTR 140901 Kyuhyun My Bestfriend

This Wednesday, we’re having Sukira’s Healing Studio Concert with (my/ your) Best Friend, so as the title suggest, I had to invite my best friend as a special guest~ That’s Super Junior’s Kyuhyun~~~ Yesterday, I carefully asked him, “Kyuhyun-ah, Do you want to come on Sukira? To sing live?” And he readily answered, “Sure!” Really without any hesitation! He said that there will be awesome live (performances), so you have to tune in on Wednesday^^ (c)

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kanginnim제주도 도착 잠을 못자서 퉁퉁부웠구만

kanginnimcouldn’t sleep after arriving in jeju-do so i look puffy (c)


140830 - MBC Building.


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