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"Hello" with Super Junior got #1 in it’s timeslot with 6% viewership ^^

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Q : Hyuk’s name on Kyuhyun’s phone is?

A : Armpit Hyung

Kyuhyun: “Eunhyuk was wearing sleeveless and washing his armpit with soap.”

Both of them were shocked at each other

Kyuhyun: “Eunhyuk hyung is much more attractive than me. His overall is better than me. But if only the look, I’m better”

Shindong: “Honestly, Eunhyuk will look better without his face.”

Ryeowook: “Eunhyuk is uglier than me, right?”


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one of the fan said that whenever she say that she likes super junior her friends would ask her “shindong as well?”

shindong: I wanted to say that I am sorry….Like the question ‘Do you even like shindong?’… Just… Just… Somewhat..I worried that (fans) would be embarrassed about liking our group, just because of me.. I felt sorry about that.

Ryeowook: Donghae hyung said that if Shindong hyung’s not in the concert, he won’t do it


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140918 kimheenim: drumstick broke. I’m doomed #SUPERSHOW (cr)

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140918 HeeChul just left SM  with Trax Jungmo

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140918  Yuri Seo Twitter


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@donghae861015 : This is my new song !!^^ For SS6, memorize it before you come ^^ 1+1=LOVE http://instagram.com/p/tFNLsbl8Jh/

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